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App of the Month: SkyScanner

One of the biggest expenses when traveling is purchasing a plane ticket. There are so many different websites that show airfares that constantly checking them for that perfect fare can become daunting. Of course there is an app to help aid the task of finding a great flight deal, SkyScanner! Hopefully this will help to check off that long list of places to visit.

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Fitness Travel Adventures

Sometimes people find it really difficult to work out or stay in shape while traveling. You’re so busy eating all the amazing food and exploring, that typically fitness is not the first thing on your mind. With this being said, it then comes as no surprise to find that some people may decide to use gadgets like a Fitbit to keep track of their progress. For more information on why this may be beneficial to your fitness journey, it may be worth checking out sites like Mobile Mob. Unless you are really big on working out you most likely don’t even think about it. I have gone hiking to a waterfall, standup paddleboarding, pole fitness, and even went to an Adventure Park that made me sore a couple of days after while traveling. It got me thinking what other different, yet fun fitness activities others have done. So I spoke to a few bloggers who let me in on their fitness travel adventures that they have experienced. Maybe it will entice you to try one of these out on your next trip. Fitness Travel Adventures from Bloggers who have participated in some fun activity.

LifeStyle Technology

App of the Month: Hotel Tonight

Sometimes planning in advance isn’t an option. You may want to make a spontaneous trip to travel, have a staycation, or just need a last minute place to stay. Many times these last minute choices result in paying much more for a hotel room then you would have liked. The app, Hotel Tonight helps solve this problem.

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Winter in Paris, France

I got an opportunity to visit the City of Light for my mother’s birthday. Winter in Paris, France. Sounded like unique beauty since everyone usually goes in the spring and summer. It was beautiful, but not exactly what I had expected.