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App of the Month: GetYourGuide

Figuring out where you want to go and how you are going to get there is only a part of traveling. What to do and see once you get to the destination is a whole other thing. People are always trying to discover what there is to do in different cities. Attempting to find the best tour or activity can be daunting, especially when there are so many companies doing the same thing. GetYouGuide is an app to help you figure out what you can do in many cities around the world.

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App of the Month: GlobeConvert

Converting information is really important when traveling. Much of our time as travelers is spent figuring out currency, temperature, and more. These are important elements to know when heading to different countries. Knowing an exchange rate or what to wear are important factors. The GlobeConvert app is a great app to help figure this all out and more.

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App Of The Month: Citymapper

Anywhere you go, one of the important things we all want to know is…how am I going to get around? Many people opt for public transportation in many cities. If you aren’t too familiar with a city or even if you are, you need to know how to get from one place to another. Even as a New Yorker, I look up how to get to certain places. One of the best apps to use to get around is Citymapper.
Citymapper is a great free app that gives public transportation info for New York, Boston, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and many other places. They even allows users to vote on the next city to add to their app. Doesn’t matter if  you are getting around via trains, bike, ferry, or bus they have you covered.
Citymapper gives insight to which trains are delayed or have service disruptions. It even links to official subway or bus Twitter pages so you can see up to the minute changes. It also allows you to tell someone where to meet you and sharing a map with directions.

Another great feature is it lets you know where the nearest modes of transportation are, where they are going if it is a bus, train, or ferry, estimated time it will take for you to get to it, and what time one is coming. Makes things simple and easy.



It is a pretty good go to app for getting around in many cities around the world. So much in fact that it has won several awards. NY Times said “Citymapper is quite simply the best travel app to be introduced to New York City.”


So next time you’re in a city trying to find your way around, make sure to use Citymapper. You will be able to reach all your favorite or planned destinations easily. They are constantly improving the app and are always looking for feedback from users. There is even a survey that allows you to improve your city.

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App Of The Month: Viber

There are so many great travel apps. One thing that many people worry about, mainly when traveling overseas, is how to connect with those back home. Cell phones bills can get pretty high if you try calling back home. Viber helps solve these problems.
Viber is a free app that allows you to talk to other Viber users. As a user you have the ability to text, call, and even send videos and photos. Viber can be used on Wi-Fi or 3G network. If you are overseas then Wi-Fi is going to be your best bet.
I used Viber to contact my family while in Rome. I was able to get Wi-Fi in the hotel and certain restaurants. I would talk and send pictures all for free for as long as I wanted. It was great and made me feel closer to home. I had no issues, I could hear and be heard clearly. The beauty of HD calls.


Viber also allows you to call landlines and mobile numbers for a low rates for those who don’t have or can’t get the app. You also have the ability to download Viber to your computer.
Another great feature is that you don’t have to manually put contacts in. The app asks for access to your contacts already stored in your mobile phone. It allows you to see who else in your contacts has Viber so you aren’t guessing. You are also able to do a group chat and message several people at one time.
It is a very simple app to use, if you can use your cell phone, you can use Viber. If you have used Viber, how was your experience with it?

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App of the Month: SeatGuru

There are so many travel apps out there. Some I use religiously and some I am trying out. I usually like to go look through the travel apps section on my phone to see whats new and what looks beneficial or fun for me.

 This month the app that I have gravitated towards is Seatguru by Tripadvisor. There is also a website

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