Tips of the Trade

5 Tips for Picking Your Next Hotel

So, you’re excited about your next trip and you think the hotel doesn’t matter cause your only going to sleep there?


What looks good on the internet might not be what you’re actually getting. Photoshop can do wonders! You don’t want the proverbial “roach motel”.  Even some “minor” construction going on could be a headache (especially after that great party the night before).  An hour of research could make the difference.
Everyone has their own method of finding a hotel or place to stay when they travel. Some people check out Airbnb, Orbitz, or sites like Kayak where they can see all their options at once. Some even go on sites like Priceline and let them surprise you.

Me…I do all of that and more. You might call it slightly obsessive or OCD. I call it research. I like to know what I am getting myself into or at least have an idea. Here are 5 tips for picking your next hotel.