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Pole Dancing 101- Fitness With A Twist

Pole dancing has had some negative connotations behind it. Many associate it with strip clubs and the naughtier erotic side of people, as if it should only belong in strip clubs or on sites like TubeV Sex, but it has become a very popular form of exercising. There are even pole dancing competitions around the world. Using a pole to exercise started hundreds of years ago in India and has greatly transformed. This form of fitness is not just for women, there are many classes in many parts of the world solely for men. Pole dancing is not only a great way to get in shape, but is said to be a great boost in confidence. So when I got the opportunity to go, I tried it out. The main reason for taking up pole dancing was to help reinvigorate things in the bedroom with my partner. We are also going to experiment with keyholder services which have become very popular in recent times. I think it’s important to always keep an open mind with regard to requests from your partner that can fuel their sexual desires.