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Terror Behind The Walls

Once I heard about Terror Behind The Walls at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly, I knew I wanted to go. It looked pretty cool. What was even more intriguing to me was that this haunted attraction would take place inside this old prison. A prison that is said to be haunted! So of course to have some Halloween fun my friend and I went.

My Travelz Pennsylvania USA

9 Hours in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been to Philly a handful of times. Most times finding something new and different to do, see, and eat. This time was no different. I was a little too tired, otherwise my day of exploring would have been longer. Getting to Philadelphia from New York was quick and relativity easy. It served as a nice day trip and my friends and I had fun.

4 The Foodie Pennsylvania

Jim's Steaks in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to many notable things, The Rocky Stairs, The Liberty Bell, and so many other historical places and things. One extremely notable thing is the Philly Cheesesteak. Visiting and not eating on is sinful and you honestly would be missing out! While many people would make certain suggestions to eat at Geno’s and other infamous spots, the place that you really need to go for a delicious cheesesteak is Jim’s Steaks and that is exactly where I headed!
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