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7 Tips For Flying With Pets

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by pets and they’ve always been a big part of my life. As a child, I only saw the perks of being a pet owner because my pets would deal with their food, health, and more unpleasant parts of owning an animal.
However, when I grew up and moved out, I moved into a place that didn’t allow pets so as soon as I relocated to a new place that was pet-friendly, I was eager to get a new pet that would be able to keep me company. My friend happened to be selling puppies at this time so I was immediately interested in buying one from them. But I realized that there was a lot more to owning a pet than what I thought growing up. I needed to make sure my living space was safe for a puppy, I had to look for the nearby veterinaries so they could get check-ups, find a local dog park where they could exercise, and buy food that would be suitable for them.
Luckily, thanks to the internet all of this was relatively easy. For example, when it came to the pet food I just looked for reviews from expert blogs. I ended up finding Harringtons Dry Puppy and thought it would be perfect – plus to people behind JugDog love it too! So, having done all this research I was feeling pretty confident that I had all bases covered until I realized traveling was a massive part of my career. I didn’t want to leave her with a carer all the time so I had to learn all the tricks and tips for traveling with a pet so I think I’m pretty experienced so wanted to share all the best tips I have found!
Many people travel with their animals for many different reasons. Pets are considered part of the family and many consider them their children. Making sure your pets are comfortable when traveling is extremely important. As I said before, I have traveled with my dog several times, she is a veteran and travels very well. If you haven’t traveled with an animal or don’t often here are 7 tips for flying with pets.