Season 1

Hotel V AirBnB with Joanna & Calvin

Episode 3

On this episode I have 2 guests who are co-hosting with me, Joanna and Calvin! We are talking about hotels versus Airbnbs, how to find great Airbnbs, how to pick out a good hotel, the pros and cons, and then some. I also run down my method of how I go about picking accommodations.

LifeStyle Technology

App Of The Month: One: Night

Looking for a last minute hotel? Maybe you want to have a romantic evening, need a staycation, or only plan to be somewhere for the night. This is a free app that is for same day bookings. One: Night has handpicked hotels that have been selected in some major cities, most within the United States.

Hotels Ireland Reviews

Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

I know I can’t be the only person who thinks of castles and history when Ireland comes to mind. This is why many people flock to enjoy a range of castle hotels Ireland has to offer. In the city of Dublin there is said to only be one such castle hotel and that is Clontarf Castle Hotel. It is from the 12th century and when I got there I was excited about staying in a castle regardless of it being modernized. It is so beautiful and the staff were really great!

LifeStyle Technology

App of the Month: Hotel Tonight

Sometimes planning in advance isn’t an option. You may want to make a spontaneous trip to travel, have a staycation, or just need a last minute place to stay. Many times these last minute choices result in paying much more for a hotel room then you would have liked. The app, Hotel Tonight helps solve this problem.

Hotels New York Reviews

Review: Holiday Inn Manhattan View, LIC, NY

Typically when people come to visit New York, they head straight into Manhattan. An amazing part of the city that anyone would love to visit, especially if they are looking at taking new york city tours to see the sights. It is a beautiful and amazing area for people to go to, no wonder so many want to live here, it has a lot to offer, not just professionally but culturally as well, there is a lot to do and see, so turning it from a vacation into a permanent stay is an option, you could try looking at sites like and see what they have for you over there! Now while Manhattan has many great things and tons of the top tourist attractions, so do the other boroughs. One such borough being Queens! People fly into Queens through JFK or LaGuardia airports, but many times don’t stay here.