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7 Tips for Holiday Travel

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone will be traveling to visit friends and family. Holiday travel can be crowded, crazy, and even expensive! If you’re jumping over the pond to Europe, making sure you have the right hotel for your stay like galway hotels, is important for you, it will keep your journey a pleasant one from start to finish.
So here are some things to keep in mind…
1. If you are flying, hopefully you have already purchased your tickets or are planning to soon. If you are thinking that you will reach out to someone for a buddy pass, think again! Using a buddy pass to travel is not the best idea. Wondering why? See my story : Passing on Buddy Passes.
2. If you live in, or are planning to visit a city with more than one airport, do your research. One airport may be cheaper to fly in and out of than another. Doing your research can go along way! For example, flying into LAX is typically cheaper than flying into Burbank and flying into Long Beach airport is even cheaper. I’ve done it, so I know. You could alternatively leave it up to a travel agency to book this for you, as they are the experts at this sort of thing.
3. Sometimes going directly to the source is your best bet. Many airlines have cheaper tickets on their website rather than sites like Kayak and Expedia. Some airlines like Southwest don’t put their prices on those sites at all.
4. In case of delays or you just couldn’t help it and went the buddy pass route, make sure you have the following: You should always be prepared, and have your own snacks, because airport food is super expensive!. In the event you forget, try apps like Gate Guru, to inform you of what there is to eat near your gate.
5. It isn’t all about flying. Look into taking the train, a bus, or driving. I have taken the bus to Washington, D.C. from New York on Christmas and it was inexpensive. Many buses now have Wi-Fi, outlets, and tables to make your ride more enjoyable. If you are are looking for a bus rental nj may be good place to begin. You also need to consider transport after you’ve flown abroad somewhere. It can be overwhelming left to your own devices in a country you don’t know and figuring out public transport is difficult. It may be best to rent a car from companies like Rental Center Crete to make the experience easier.

***Check out the new website WanderU that lets travelers compare bus and train fares***

Bus Travel
Bus Travel

6. It is beginning to look a lot like cold and flu season as well. Make sure you bring hand sanitizer, soap, and lotion to keep your hands, and face from getting dry after you wash them. Travel can take it toll on your skin! Stay hydrated and keep some Airbourne near by. A great place to get soap and lotions,to help your skin in all weather, go to and try out the whipped body butter and soap. They smell amazing, hydrate your skin, and even come in travel size!
7. Lastly keep in mind you’re not the only one traveling. So get to the airport early because TSA lines will be long! You can easily miss your flight trying to get from the TSA line to your gate. Depending on the airport your gate could be a good long walk away. Leave early from your house, I have had friends almost miss their flights because of car accidents causing traffic.

If you have any tips for holiday travel let me know below.