4 The Foodie Massachusetts

Delicious Food on Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is definitely a foodies’ paradise. There are plenty of places to dine at especially in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, and Vineyard Haven. Although visiting in the offseason means fewer places are open, we still found no shortage of food. So if you are going off-season are during peak here are some places to check out for delicious food on Martha’s Vineyard!

4 The Foodie Missouri

Fitz's Root Beer in St. Louis, Missouri

When my friend and I decided to go to St. Louis, Missouri, I immediately reached out to my long time friend who currently lives there. One of the first things I asked him was where were some good places to eat. The first place out his mouth was Fitz’s Root Beer. We then decided that this was the place we were going to go. We were definitely not disappointed!

4 The Foodie New York

Foodie Fun in Flushing, New York

Once again I was out on the hunt for some good food in Queens, New York. It really isn’t hard to find good food in my hometown. You can get cuisine from anywhere in the world right in this one borough. This time we decided to get some Korean BBQ and Thai inspired ice cream.

4 The Foodie Minnesota

Hell's Kitchen in Downtown Minneapolis

For once the locals have disappointed me in recommending a place to eat! Every local I spoke to gave me chain restaurants that I can find in pretty much any major city. When I asked a few if they had anything they felt was special to Minneapolis they couldn’t recall anything. I knew this couldn’t be true. Luckily when I was watching the TV one day, I came across host Ali Khan of Cheap Eats who visited a restaurant called Hell’s Kitchen and I knew I had to go!
Hell's Kitchen in Downtown Minneapolis ©2016 HollyDayz

Illinois My Travelz North America USA

How I Spent 24 Hours in Chicago

Last summer I spent a mere 24 hours in Chicago. You may be thinking I didn’t do too much in that amount of time. Rightfully so since there is plenty to do, see, and eat in Chicago. So it may surprise you to learn I did a lot. Or it may not because if you haven’t realized already I always do a ton in a short amount of time. Not everyone has the luxury of several days or more in one place. So here is the fun I had in my 24 hours!
How I Spent 24 Hours in Chicago ©2016 HollyDayz

4 The Foodie South America

Eating at Pepe Anca in Cartagena, Colombia

We were reading a little book that was in the beautiful penthouse we were staying in that told of the many different places and things to do in Cartagena. Pepe Anca was on the list of great places to eat. Doing some research on the Internet, Pepe Anca came up as well. Seeing it more than once I put it on my list of places I would like to try while visiting. It just so happened to be meant for us to dine there.
Eating at Pepe Anca in Cartagena, Colombia ©2016 HollyDayz

4 The Foodie Illinois

Yolk in Chicago, IL

There are so many great places to indulge your taste buds in Chicago. Arriving in the morning and being very hungry, we had to find something good to eat. A gentleman working the front desk of Hotel Felix recommend a great place to get breakfast, Yolk. He also informed us that Yolk has won awards and we would not be disappointed.
Yolk in Chicago ©2016 HollyDayz