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Things To Know Before You Go – Costa Rica

Traveling is a great education. I learned many different things while traveling to Costa Rica. I really got to see a lot of the wonders that this country has to offer. Here are things to know before you go to Costa Rica from my own experience. Before I continue, I need to mention the fact that there is no shortage of amazing accommodation options in the area, so you might be spoilt for choice. You could consider staying at Los Altos, a 5 star resort in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica for example, or you could try something like camping on a beach if you’re feeling more adventurous. Anyway, back to my top tips for visiting Costa Rica.
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El Santuario Canopy Adventure

Costa Rica is filled with a plethora of activities to indulge your adventurous side. Trying to decide what to do and where can be overwhelming. There are many places to zip-line, but El Santuario Canopy Adventure makes itself an easy pick! Having the longest zip-line in Central America makes it even more appealing!
El Santuario Canopy Adventure