5 Fun Things To Do in Miami, Florida

When you think of Miami, I am sure the first things that pop in your mind is the beach, nightlife, warm weather, and maybe even Rick Ross or Pitbull. So Here are 5 fun things to do in Miami, Florida. I have been a few times and enjoyed myself. Although I have done a lot there is so much more to see and do. Of course you have to also find a great place to stay while doing all of these fun things as there are some great areas!

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Sunshine State Retreat

Orlando, Florida can have moments where spending money on a hotel doesn’t seem too ideal. With all the theme parks in the area hotels can really run you a great deal of money especially in peak times. After doing a little searching I found this cute home to stay in that was attached to the owners home.
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$10 Lunch Challenge – Queens vs. Tampa

In the midst of filming Queens of the Boroughs Series with my friend Joanna, we decided to do a $10 lunch challenge – Queens vs. Tampa. Feeling competitve we challenged another travel blogger in another city to see if and what she could get lunch for $10. With our own special guest in Queens we took off in search of lunch. Not only do you get to see who won, but also what you can get for lunch in these two cities!

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TBEX North America – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

There are many travel conferences that happen every year. It can almost be overwhelming to figure which ones to go to. After hearing mixed reviews about TBEX and a little coaxing from a fellow blogger friend I decided to attend Travel Bloggers Exchange. For 2015 the North American location was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. So here is a brief overview and a video!

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Spotlight Travels: Miami with Tania On The Scene

Tania L. Breton, aka “Tania On The Scene,” was born and raised in Queens, New York. While attending York College, Tania worked as a staff writer for the college’s paper, “Pandora’s Box”. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Journalism.
Tania is currently working at PIX 11 Morning News in NYC as an entertainment producer. She also writes stories for the LIVE show. Additionally, she has had some of her celebrity interviews featured in the “Best Of NYC” section on the PIX11 website.
She has recently launched her website to promote her on-camera work. “Tania On The Scene” is available to host your next event, emcee your next party, or interview your favorite celebs.


HollyDayz: What took you to Miami?
Tania: Kid N Play were hosting a house party and I was invited by PLUSH Illusions to cover the event. They hosted and also performed. It was a great event. Everyone was rockin’ out.
HollyDayz: How was the weather when you went?
Tania: The weather was beautiful! No humidity. Just the sun beaming down and giving me that awesome glow lol.
HollyDayz: What was your favorite part of your trip to Miami?
Tania: Kid N Play did their infamous dance from back in the day. But honestly my favorite part was interviewing them. They were so down to a Earth. Kid is hilarious. Play taught me a lot from his experience in journalism. It was a fun interview. A real good time that I think was also portrayed on camera.

Tania On The Scene with Kid N Play
Tania On The Scene with Kid N Play

HollyDayz: What was your favorite meal to eat while there?
Tania:  I think all I had was take out. Terrible! But I gotta say when the event was over, those pancakes from Ihop hit the spot.
HollyDayz: Since you love to interview people who are your top 3 people that you would love to interview who claim Miami as their home?
Tania: Pitbull. I love that new song he has with NeYo. He’s all over. I love it! Rick Ross would be a dope interview. I would play a game with him to see what we could find out about him. And Sidney Poitier, simply because he’s a legend. I feel like that would be the most meaningful interview because there’s so much to learn from his journey.
HollyDayz: What are some of the tourist spots that you visited?
Tania: I didn’t do any touristy things because I really only flew in for the weekend to work. It was a Saturday night event and my flight was Sunday morning.
HollyDayz: How would you describe Miami to a person who has never been there?
Tania: If you’ve been to Vegas, it’s very similar… I would even compare it to Times Square in NY. It’s a strip of bars and restaurants and the weather is usually warm and beautiful.
HollyDayz: Any tips for those who have never been there?
Tania: Always bring an umbrella because it will randomly rain on you. Sun showers for 2 mins and then done. Just like that.
Tania On The Scene in Miami
Tania On The Scene in Miami

HollyDayz: Where would you like your next interview to be?
Tania: Hawaii would be awesome! But I’ll settle for anywhere in the UK. I know a lot of artists are huge over there.
Check out the Kid N Play Interview as well as the other celebrity interviews. Find out more about Tania at Tania On The Scene and follow her on Twitter 

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