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15 Black Content Creators That Should Be On Your Radar!

As I navigate social media, I have heard from others and seen that many people don’t know of all the amazing Black content creators that are out there. So I wanted to bring you 15 Black content creators that need to be on your radar!

Although much of my content is travel centric, I wanted to highlight Black content creators from different niches. This is especially important to me as I am not just a blogger, but a producer, writer, podcaster, vlogger, etc myself.

Rattles & Heels

Adanna is the creator of Rattles & Heels, a parenting & lifestyle blog. She is a mommy of 3 who provides positive affirmations every single day on her social media. On her site she delves into fashion, parenting and wellness tips, travel, and more. If you are headed to New York City with kids in tow she has tons of ideas and places for everyone to enjoy.

Outdoorsy Diva

Lauren is the creator of Outdoorsy Diva, a travel blog and podcast. If you couldn’t tell from the name, she is all about outdoor adventures! Glamping, swimming with manatees, kayaking, and zip-lining are just some of what she has done. She also shares what to do, where to eat, and more in her hometown of Tampa, Florida. Also if you are a fan of Harry Potter this is definitely who you want to follow!

Vibe Revelation Studios

Jason is the owner of Vibe Revelation Studios, a broadcasting and media company. Not only is he an amazing video editor who has worked on countless projects, including travel shows, and he is also the creator of 3 podcasts. Geek Bros, a podcast where him and a panel talk about video games, movies, events, and more. FRIENDz with ISSUEz, a podcast he has with his long time friend based off their misadventures where no topic is off limits. His latest podcast, Last of the Nice Guys, discusses love, relationships, heartache, etc from a male’s point of view!

Theatrical Conjecture & Disseration

Don and Cherrae are the owners of Theatrical Conjecture & Dissertation (TCAD), a podcast where they talk about their experiences in Hollywood, TV and movie reviews, and making independent films. They are an actor and actress in their own right, who have worked on many projects. TCAD has even won a Best of Los Angeles Award in 2018.


Just in case this is your first time here, my name is Holly and I am the creator of HollyDayz, a travel and lifestyle blog. Short trips and mini getaways are my specialty. Besides travel I also dive into food, beauty, technology, weddings, and more. I not only run this blog, but I have a YouTube channel where I bring you along my adventures. There is a lot more new content coming to the channel soon. I started a podcast of the same name where I give tips and have guests from different walks of life chatting about their travels, hometown, and many other fun things.

Deck Of Cards Media

Samuel is the owner of Deck of Cards Media, an entertainment company that cultivates creativity, dreams, and imagination. His company owns and operates an array of content, production services for film & TV, as well as digital entertainment. He also has a sister company that is a record label and music publishing company. If you are looking to film a music video, film, etc. check him out!

Work Hard Travel Well

Kim is the owner and creator of Work Hard Travel Well, a travel media and apparel company. Her goal is to inspire people to see the world, while climbing the corporate ladder. There is info on travel credit cards, wellness, reviews, a guide to Cuba, and tons more. She has also been working more and more on her YouTube channel giving travel tips and showcasing her drone footage.

Rap Lab Podcast

Co-hosted by lifelong hip hop fans Alfred, QG, & T.O.; Rap Lab is a hip-hop podcast. The fellas discuss & debate many topics and aspects throughout the vast and rich history of the art form known as hip hop from a fan’s perspective. These guys are very knowledgeable and talk about music in sports and movies as well as rap beefs, award shows and more. A must listen if you like or want to learn more about hip-hop.

JoAnna E.

JoAnna is the creator of JoAnna E, a travel and lifestyle blog. She likes to share how she is able to travel while having a full time job in the Information Technology field. Looking for fashion and beauty tips as well? JoAnna has got you covered in that department as well! As a Caribbean American, she is also a huge advocate for Caribbean Tourism. She wants people to know it is more than just a beach getaway.

Sherlina Nym

Sherlina is a content creator with her YouTube and Instagram she has garnered a following for her style and footwear. A sneaker-head, she is known to match her kicks, outfits, and nails together. Sherlina does try-on and sneaker hauls. She also gives some insight into her life by taking you with her and her boyfriend as they travel the world and have fun in their current home of London.

The Traveling Esquire

Describing herself as a global foodie and part-time digital nomad, Tyra is the creator of The Traveling Esquire. If you didn’t guess it from the name of her blog, she is an attorney! She has traveled to some amazing places including New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand just to name a few. Tyra shares tips, reviews, and of course the best places to eat!

The Green Eyed Lady Blog

Carissa is the creator of The Green Eyed Lady Blog. She focuses on parenting and lifestyle. Some topics that she covers on her blog include marriage, fashion, parenthood, and food. Carissa also loves to show off all there is to do in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

The Sophisticated Life

Nadeen is the creator of The Sophisticated Life, a travel blog that covers affordable luxury travel, culinary travel, and wine. Nadeen says she is a “blogger by day and a physician at night” and manages to traverse the world bringing amazing content. Don’t believe me, then I am sure you would believe Oprah as Nadeen is currently a brand ambassador for O, Oprah’s magazine.

Keep Pushing Kicks

Allen runs a YouTube channel called KeepPushingKicks. His channel focuses on sneaker reviews however, he adds in positivity, energy and motivational encouragement. Allen says “Everyone has problems that weigh on them, but how you deal with the problems is what makes us different. I choose to keep pushing.” A sneaker head with some great stories behind some of his shoes, he is definitely one to watch!

Rudderless Travel

Christopher is the creator of Rudderless Travel, a travel blog and YouTube channel. He takes on a city in 48 hours; seeing the sites, tasting the food, and looking for hidden gems. Chris also has his own podcast, Travel Horror Stories. This Toronto, Canada native also gives tips and reviews on things to do and places to eat in his hometown!

I hope you enjoyed this list and take the time to check out and support all of these amazing content creators. They all have something great to offer!

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  • Joanna Teris

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for putting this together! I have had so much fun working with a few of my friends on here in the past. Can’t wait to learn from more fabulous creators!

  • Christopher Adamson

    This is a great look for the future of media . I will most definitely check these out

  • Kim

    Thank you so much for the inclusion. This is a great list!

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