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Is Too Much Tourism Bad? Overtourism with Kim Hawk


Is too much tourism bad? Overtourism is the topic we are talking about on this episode with co-host Joanna Teris and guest, travel media and apparel owner Kim Hawk. Overtourism is overcrowding from an excess of tourists. This has resulted in conflicts with locals and many sites of the world closing down or limiting tourists.

This is a very important topic. In this episode we talk to Kim about what she and her company do, her article on overtourism, and her personal experiences. We also dive into some examples of overtourism around the world, social media playing a role, and what we can do.


Joanna Teris

Joanna Teris is a double threat actress and dancer born and raised in New York. A Queens native, she travels the world to find stories to tell. Starting in Los Angeles, she worked on the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and the dating web-series Is It Me?. She then collaborated and created the comedy web-series Zoe and Chloe: Private Detectives for two seasons.

She traveled to New Orleans and filmed the horror film Alex & Me. Recently she played the lead in a companion relationship web-series. Following that Joanna booked her first theater production in NY: The Nature Room performed at the Signature Theater in Times Square. 

Joanna continues to work and co-host with Holly in the Queens of the Borough vlogs. She most recently vlogged her latest adventure, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Kim Hawk

Kim is the Founder of Work Hard Travel Well. She is from and based in Atlanta, Ga and a graduate of the University of Georgia. Her background in Business Sales allowed her to travel often which created a passion for travel and led to the creation of Work Hard Travel Well.

Kim Hawk Paris

Work Hard Travel Well is a travel media and apparel company designed to inspire people to see the world while climbing the corporate ladder, creating a side hustle or building a business.

Work Hard Travel Well seeks to motivate all who work hard to use travel as a part of a self-care regimen to avoid burnout. Take time off and see the world!


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Joanna’s Instagram: @joannateris

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Kim’s Article: Go Home Tourists – The Effects of Overtourism

CNN Article: Destination Trouble- Can Overtourism be stopped in its tracks?

New York Times Article: Is Geotagging on Instagram Ruining Natural Wonders? Some say Yes.

Leave No Trace Article: New Social Media Guidance

Lonely Planet Article: Bruges is introducing new rules for visitors to avoid overtourism

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All Photos Courtesy of Kim Hawk

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  • Nour

    Gorgeous photos love lots 🙂

  • Ayishia

    Just listened to your podcast. Very interesting. I think I’m still conflicted. I completely agree that the lack of cultural awareness is a problem. It makes me sick when I see tourist disrespecting sacred statues and customs. People are so self absorbed it’s mind blowing. On the only hand so many people’s lives are contingent on the tourism industry being successful. Cultural immersion is so necessary for personal growth but you can’t get that if you aren’t well received by the locals. I think this wouldn’t be such a big deal if people were just more mindful and respectful.

  • Monique Tillman

    I totally agree. As a travel agent and a travel blogger I have seen tourism boom in countries that are not ready for all the tourists. They do not know how to adjust. Home no longer feels like home anymore to them. Also, alot of tourist do not respect their land, their way of life, the culture. It’s just another Instagram post.

  • Nouran Adel

    Glad I enjoyed the post! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Moha

    great post I loved it

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