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Who Pays For What – Traveling with Others with Calvin Morrison


On this episode director and writer Calvin is back as my co-host. Have you ever wondered who should pay for what when traveling with others? We talk about splitting vacations with friends, significant others, and within the family. Who should pay for what and when, planning together, and more.

Find out who we think should pay for what, what happens if someone cancels on you last minute, what happens if you and your significant other break up before the trip, and more. It gets really interesting when we open up and tell of some stories and instances that you don’t want to miss! Get a female and male perspective on it all!


Samuel Morrison

Samuel C. Morrison, Jr. a.k.a Calvin’s career started in the music industry working in the promotional and marketing departments for Def Jam Recordings. He then wrote for The Source magazine and served as a writer/producer for an entertainment news show for AOL/Huff Post before transitioning to filmmaking and launching Deck of Cards Entertainment, a boutique film/tv production house.


Calvin’s Instagram: @_mrmorrison

Calvin’s Website: Deck of Cards Entertainment

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Who Pays for what then traveling with others

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  • Jimmy

    I can’t tell how many times in the past I’ve been burnt with that line “I’ll pay you back later”. I know better now. I definitely have those conversations prior to any vacation. I’m the type of person that will pay for everything just so we can have a good time. And if I invite a friend then I’m prepared to pay for everything as well. Knowing the person is great company is a payment in itself. That’s hard to find these days. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Kiwi

    My personal opinion if it’s not your spouse pay your own everything. I am gonna listen to your podcast to see you alls thoughts.

  • Ed

    Travel with others gets tricky when it comes to payment. I’ve always gone with the “pot” technique. Dolly in and pull from the pot and event distribute the leftovers. Even then, things can be a bit tricky though.

  • Nadalie Bardo

    I’m am not so rigid when it comes to paying for things on trips. If I’m covering coffee one day, you the next, great. I always think it’s a good idea to just decide before you go, save receipts and then split the difference when you’re home.

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