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March 2019

My Travelz Spain Tips of the Trade

Things To Know Before You Go – Barcelona, Spain

I have been wanting to visit Barcelona, Spain for some time now. I have already been to Malaga and Madrid. Those two cities were great, Malaga being my favorite of the two. They have helped make Spain one of my favorite places to visit, but Barcelona really made it even more so. With so much to see and do in this city, there are things you should know before heading there!

My Travelz South Carolina USA

One Day in Charleston, South Carolina

I have been wanting to visit Charleston, South Carolina for a while. The charming photos and of course the southern food was a selling point. Another was that it is on so many lists as the must visit city. So when I finally had the opportunity to visit, I jumped on it. While only being there one day, I can say I look forward to going back.