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4 Non-Essential Essentials For Travel

While packing sometimes you don’t think of certain things you may need. Or if you do think of the little things you may not have thought of these particular items. These aren’t items you must have, but I can tell you they will help and make things much easier. This is especially important if you are going on day trips, weekend, or long-term. Even better if you aren’t checking a bag! Check out some non-essential essentials for travel!

Travalo Milano- It is a TSA-approved refillable fragrance atomizer. Honestly it is pretty awesome. I have been carrying it around for some time. It is durable, doesn’t leak, hasn’t broken, and I have no issues taking it with me anywhere. I have even started throwing it in my purse for every day use. You can fill any cologne or perfume in it and not have to worry about taking a huge bottle with you. It comes in an array of colors, I got my favorite turquoise. I can say this is a great product that and if you like to take more than one smell goods with you then purchase more than one in different colors.  To learn more about the product and purchase one check out this link.

Multiple Colors ©2018 HollyDayz

Travalo ©2018 HollyDayz

Sunglasses- So many times I have run out of the house or forgot to pack sunglasses. Then there are those times where I forget to pack them. I am sure some of you have even broken or lost a pair or two. So I was able to get a few pairs from Sunglass Warehouse. They were inexpensive, but still really nice. I’ve taken them on a couple of trips and they are pretty durable considering they are inexpensive. I even recently took a pair to a theme park and they didn’t even break when I put them in my bag.
All black sunglasses!©2018 HollyDayz

DevaCurl Super CreamCoconut Curl Style – I have yet to travel with this product. I would have to transfer into a TSA approved bottle since I am a carry-on kinda girl. I have however taken this on road trips. It smells amazing! It defines, moisturizer, smooths, softens, and more. After sun, chlorine, or just straight getting dry day 2 or 3 hair this is great at reviving my hair. Best used when hair is wet, but I have used it dry and gotten great results. My hair has gone from looking dry to moisturized and revived with a couple of minutes. Great product that is paraben, silicone, and sulfate free. You can purchase it here. This can also be purchased at Ultra and Sephora.
DevaCurl SuperCream ©2018 HollyDayz

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Hydration Conditioner Another product that needs to be put in a TSA approved bottle, but again no problem. This conditioner has been a life saver to my hair. Especially when I went swimming in a strong chlorine pool that dried my hair out. I was able to revive it and moisture, and make it nice and smooth with this great conditioner. Not to mention it really helped get all of the tangles out of my hair. I highly recommend it! Another great product that is paraben, silicone, and sulfate free. This product can be purchased here as well as almost any store that sells shampoo and conditioner including Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
SheaMoisture 100% Coconut Conditioner ©2018 HollyDayz

So these are my 4 non-essential essentials that are great when traveling and even for everyday usage. These also make some great gifts if you are looking for something to give. I will definitely have even more and will add more in future articles of great items you should have!
Disclaimer: Travalo Milano and Sunglass Warehouse sent me items to try out and review. However my thoughts expressed are own honest opinion. I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!

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  • Faizah Carr

    These are definitely essentials I always find myself needing!! I love the atomizer idea. Sunglasses are a MUST! and go to hair products are critical.

  • xocrystalnicole

    These are very helpful, especially the Travalo Milano. That’s definitely something I’d need. I’m always worried my perfume bottles will break during travel.

  • Jimmy

    I did not know there was such a thing as “TSA approved bottles”. But now I’m gonna have to get a few. I’m a carry-on kind of guy but sometimes I have to check a bag due to certain products that I pack. Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Jo

    I second sunglasses. They are definitely a must-have when traveling. I haven’t tried Shea Moisture’s coconut oil line yet, but I’ve heard great things.

  • loveatanystage

    These are all needed in my opinion lol. You can’t travel without some type of moisturizer. I recently started using Deva Curl products and love them.

  • bree

    I have natural hair and traveling with a carryon generally creates problems. Those two hair products will be lifesavers!!!

  • Houseful Of Nicholes

    My sunglasses are a MUST. I can’t leave without them, and after talking to an eye doctor who told me that my eyeballs can actually get sunburned, I’ve doubled down. Yeah – crazy, right?

  • Kita

    I’ve heard great things about the Deva Curl products. I would try them and I definitely bring good hair products for my daughter when we travel.

  • MUAKimPorter

    I have to try out that daily hydration conditioner. Atomizers are the bomb for travel.

  • ❤ TheMrsTee 👓 (@themrstee)

    Travalo has become one of my Must Have travel items for sure. I love that I can take any of my favorite perfumes with me anywhere.

  • cleverlychanging

    All the products you shared are cool. I really like the travelo because it’s small and pocket size so you can take it every where you go.

  • Mimi Green

    I need to pick up the SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Hydration Conditioner. My daughter is in the water a lot in the summer and between the sun and the chlorine it is terrble.

  • Moriah

    Definitely been wanting to try the Shea Moisture Conditioner and it would’ve been so helpful during my trip to the Bahamas last year. Never heard of Travalo Milano and will really consider it for the next trip I take.

  • Giulia Blocal

    I always travel light, and end up forgetting many essentials!

  • Katja Gaskell

    Thanks for the Travalo Milano tip! I love wearing perfume but never have any when I travel as I’ve not worked out how to transport it (especially because I usually travel with hand luggage only). As for sunglasses, those are an essential!

  • Sofia

    Haha, love the title! We always need a little non-essentials to fill our luggages with 🙂 I always travel with my sunglasses and hair styling creams (curly hair here).

  • Bradley Cine (@bcine)

    That Travalo Milano may have to get added to my list of needs. I’ve got a tiny bottle but this seems more up my alley for sure.

  • MommyTalkShow

    I’ll be traveling this summer. Thanks for hipping me to these products. I really like products with coconut oil too.

  • Hannah

    The atomizer is such a good idea – I usually end up taking a perfume sampler bottle, but that isn’t always my favourite scent, so the atomizer would fix that issue! And the coconut hydration conditioner looks lux!

  • amit

    For me, next to my passport, sunglasses are the most important thing to take, I have a thing about sunglasses I think at one point when I traveled through Australia I had about 15 pairs of them haha – They are definitely an essential.

  • gastrotravelogue

    I love the idea of the Travalo Milano. I am going to buy one before my next trip. I can see how it has become a favourite of yours and there are so many great colours to choose from as well.

  • Indrani

    The sunglasses and conditioner are must for me. That you can refill with any perfume in Travalo Milano makes it a good product. I will check this out.

  • Shruti Prabhu

    Hahah. Love the title of this blog! Non essential essentials! I do think a perfume atomizer is so handy. Rather than carrying around a glass bottle which is a potential for disaster, this is an awesome way of carrying your favourite perfume.

  • Nisha

    Shades and some of moisturizing cream is an essential for me from the above list. The small atomizer, that can get through TSA, seems to be a good idea. Thanks 🙂

  • Kirstie

    I need all of these in my bag! However, Im not sure if DevaCurl Super CreamCoconut Curl Style is available in my country! I hope they have this because hair products are always a big problem for me when travelling!

  • Jonna

    This is a great list of items. Things you don’t think you need until you’re in CVS trying to purchase them once you arrive to your destination lol

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