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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio

Were you aware that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was in Cleveland, Ohio? I wasn’t till I started to do some research on Cleveland. As soon as I found out I immediately knew this was something I had to see. I love music and history and was very interested in seeing all the gems they had inside. So of course one of the first things I did when visiting Cleveland was head over there.

Arriving at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I was excited to see how nice and quiet it was. The perks of going during the week, early afternoon, and in December. That meant I could take as many photos as I wanted of the outside without a ton of people around. So of course I had to get the very cool ‘Long Live Rock‘ sign outside of it.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ©2017 HollyDayz

The building looks like a pyramid.  I was told that an aerial view would show that it is actually in the shape of a record player. (Not too sure of that though.) It opened in 1995 and has seen more than 10 million visitors since. There is 55,000 square feet of exhibition space over 7 different levels. Although when entering we were on Level 1 the self guided tour actually starts on Level 0. We were able to check in our coats for free and then begin exploring.
Elvis’ Suit ©2017 HollyDayz

There was so much to look at, but trying to figure out where to start was no problem. The exhibits are all numbered to help with that. Everyone from Michael Jackson, The Beatles, David Bowie, Prince, Elvis and so many more amazing influential musicians are featured throughout. Wardrobe, handwritten lyrics, instruments, awards, even Jimi Hendrix’s family couch can be found here.
Michael Jackson’s Belt and Outfits ©2017 HollyDayz

One of my favorite things to see on this level was Michael Jackson’s wardrobe, especially his gold belt that was very detailed and had baby cherubs on it. They even had his sunglasses, glove, and one of his Grammys on display. Another area that I really liked was the Rapper’s Delight The Story of Hip-Hop area. As a New Yorker and hip-hop getting its start in the Bronx, New York, I was a little hyped! This area of course showcased the pioneers, but also had Flavor Flav’s clock, signed Airforce 1s from Jay-Z, a funky purple jacket from Andre 3000, and so much more.
Salt & Peppa’s Jacket, Biggie,Snoop, and Jay’z Jerseys and signed sneakers ©2017 HollyDayz

Flavor Flav’s Clock ©2017 HollyDayz

There are also exhibits that show many different cities including New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Liverpool, and San Francisco, Memphis, and Seattle showing how they helped shaped rock and roll. It was really cool to see and watch the screen with different musical acts while singing along to songs. There was mostly kids there for field trips. Besides them running around and dancing to some of the music it was nice and quiet and going at our own pace was very easy.
Midwest Music ©2017 HollyDayz

If you happen to get hungry the first level has a cafe to get food and beverages. There is also a very cool  store with tons of merchandise to choose from. I saw a couple of shirts I really wanted, but unfortunately they weren’t in my size. Quick tip, the Cleveland Airport also has a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame store where you can purchase different items and the prices are a bit on the cheaper side.
Inductee Award ©2017 HollyDayz

This place is interactive. There are plenty of areas where you can listen to different artists. Just throw on some headphones or listen aloud and have some fun. It was also cool to see all the names of all the people who have been inducted and when. Artists are eligible to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first commercial recording.
A portion of the Inductee Wall ©2017 HollyDayz

900 historians, artists, and members of the music industry are sent ballots to vote on who should be in the induction class. They have also extended the voting to fans, but allowing anyone to vote on the nominees. The top 5 vote getters in the public poll and weighed in with the other vote. Every 3 years they hold the induction ceremony in Cleveland, so in April of 2018 the induction ceremony will be there.
Power of Rock Experience ©2017 HollyDayz

The 3rd level has the Power of Rock Experience inside the Connor Theater. It is really cool to watch. They play performances from past induction ceremonies. It honestly feels like you are there live. The bass is going hard and there is a light show to accompany the music. It feels like you are in concert! A must do while there.
Replica Rolling Stones office ©2017 HollyDayz

Once you are done there you are let out on the 4th level. I stumbled upon a replica of the Rolling Stones office. The 5th and 6th level has more on the 50 years of the Rolling Stones. You could really be here for hours looking around at everything. I can’t even encompass everything that is there. You have to go see for yourself. It was extremely enjoyable. There are plenty of benches around to take a seat and rest your feet for a moment if you do get tired.
Outfits, Instruments, and more of different artists ©2017 HollyDayz

So next time you are in or around Cleveland you must pay a visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. You won’t be disappointed. And if you have been before go again, they are constantly changing and updating all of their exhibits. You will definitely find things you didn’t see before. The next induction ceremony will be held in Cleveland (as it is every 3 years) in April!
Have you ever been to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Disclaimer:  Thank You to Destination Cleveland and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for having me. Whilst receiving an invitation all opinions and views are my own and have not been influenced. 

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  • Darvel Harris

    Felt like I just took a trip to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame after reading this article! May have to check of the induction in April 2018. Thanks

    • Holly Dayz

      I think the induction would be cool. If you get the chance let me know how it was.

  • Joanna

    That’s totally worth a trip to visit. Very cool to be able to see so much history and especially at a time that wasn’t crowded so you could see everything.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, I agree. I was glad it wasn’t crowded. It was much better and easier to enjoy.

  • Fiona Maclean

    looks like a great place to visit. I love the architecture of the building – and what is inside must have something for absolutely everyone

    • Holly Dayz

      There is definitely something for everyone inside.

  • Megan Indoe

    I went a few years ago since I am from right around Cleveland and have been wanting to make it back. The Michael Jackson stuff was so interesting to see! There was also a Rolling Stones exhibit when I went which was also REALLY cool!

    • Holly Dayz

      The Rolling Stones has an area there still. They seem to always be updating and adding things.

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Cleveland Rocks!!! I really have no excuse to have not visited Cleveland yet. I hear the Flats is pretty dang cool too. My son went to school down the road in Wooster and I grew up in Columbus. I still have family in Detroit and Columbus so there will probably be a chance to correct this shortfall.
    For some reason I have been in love with the Flavor Flav clock. I picked one up at a costume shop a few years back and wore it out as a peacock item for a few months. It was quite the conversation piece. I was a fan of the turnover chain at Da U too. If you’re going to go bling, go all the way.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is really nice and I want to go back to check out some other things. They have built the Flats up. You definitely have to check out the museum so you can see one of his clocks there. I agree go big or go home for that!

  • Agness of eTramping

    Such a great place and this is the first time I am hearing about it, Holly! Thanks to your post, I’m adding it to my bucket list! 😉

    • Holly Dayz

      I hope you get the chance to visit it sooner rather than later.

  • Medha

    Wow that looks like a cool place to visit! I’ve never been to Ohio but if I plan a visit, I’d love to go here. The exhibits (especially Elvis suit) are so intriguing. It’s a creative theme to have a museum with exhibits of famous rock and roll artists. I didn’t even know something like this existed. Thanks for sharing !

    • Holly Dayz

      They had a ton of Elvis and everyone else. You could easily spend hours in there. I hope you get here soon now that you know there is such a place.

  • Tamara Elliott

    That’s so cool that they have Michael Jackson’s actual outfits there! We have a similar music centre here where I live in Calgary, Canada and I always recommend it to people- gotta love memorabilia!

    • Holly Dayz

      I thought so too and was excited to see it.

  • Lois Alter Mark

    Though I’ve been to a few music museums, this one seems like the best of the best. Would absolutely love to check out the many levels of Rolling Stones memorabilia and some of the famous outfits that we all remember our favorite artists wearing. Such a cool way to travel through the history of music.

    • Holly Dayz

      It really is. There is so much to see from different decades that helped shape music.

  • Debra Schroeder

    LOVE the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! I didn’t realize that from above the building looked like a record player. Cool tip!

    • Holly Dayz

      I didn’t either. A tour guide let us know. Wish I could see that from the air. It was a lot of fun exploring inside.

  • Brianna

    Cleaveland has a lot of great things going for it and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tops the list. I love that they represent pop music not only from a bunch of genres but also time and cities.

    • Holly Dayz

      It really does. I will have to go back and see more. That is really great that they do. It is great to see the technology and music and where it started etc.

  • Valerie Wheatley

    I’ve never been to Cleveland – I’ve never really thought of it as a vacation destination but the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame definitely sounds like a fun visit! The Rapper’s Delight The Story of Hip-Hop area sounds pretty awesome and like a must-see for any fans of hip hop music. It’s nice that there is a cafe so that you can literally spend an entire afternoon there if you want. Great tips!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is definitely a great thing to do when visiting. There is plenty to do in Cleveland so it is something to definitely look forward to. I was very excited to see the hip-hop area. You really can spend hours there.

  • Alli

    The Connor Theatre looks so fun! This would be such a cool experience, I would love to bring my dad here 🙂 Thanks for the awesome tips!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was so cool. It really felt like you were enjoying a concert while inside. Your dad would enjoy it as would you.

  • chloe lin

    This place is so retro and interesting! I would love to visit there and experience the music and nostalgia! LOVE the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame too!

  • knycx

    Wow, it’s a cool place and I love it provides not just information and photos, but exhibits of so many iconic music giants in the industry and I think I will enjoy my visit there a lot!

  • Aimee Horgan

    I’ve heard about this hall and fame for a while now and have always wanted to visit. Looks so fun and could easily spend a full day here.

  • carolcolborn

    My husband studied in Oberlin College which is about 35 miles from Cleveland. So he knows about this museum. Thanks for giving me such a great description of what I might see there if I went. Love the big bold red letters and the pyramids remind me of the one in Memphis, Tennessee!.

  • Bonbon Montero

    Aaaw….. so cool. planning a trip there this summer with kids. Thanks for sharing….

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