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September 2017

4 The Foodie Spain

Eating at Puro Pescaito in Malaga

The City Center of Malaga is filled with restaurants everywhere. It can be pretty hard to choose where to go and what to try. My friend and I were pretty hungry. We really wanted some seafood so I checked TripAdvisor. Low and behold there was a high rated place nearby called Puro Pescaito. So we decided to head there.

My Travelz Pennsylvania USA

9 Hours in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been to Philly a handful of times. Most times finding something new and different to do, see, and eat. This time was no different. I was a little too tired, otherwise my day of exploring would have been longer. Getting to Philadelphia from New York was quick and relativity easy. It served as a nice day trip and my friends and I had fun.