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June 2016

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Ahoy NY Tours & Tasting

I love to eat, especially Italian food. I have been wanting to venture down to Little Italy in Manhattan, but I just hadn’t made it. When I learned of Ahoy NY Tours & Tasting and saw that they not only took you through Little Italy, but also Chinatown I couldn’t wait to go. History, fun, and food sounded right up my alley. So with some comfortable shoes and a couple of bottles of water I was ready for the tour!
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How I Spent 24 Hours in Chicago

Last summer I spent a mere 24 hours in Chicago. You may be thinking I didn’t do too much in that amount of time. Rightfully so since there is plenty to do, see, and eat in Chicago. So it may surprise you to learn I did a lot. Or it may not because if you haven’t realized already I always do a ton in a short amount of time. Not everyone has the luxury of several days or more in one place. So here is the fun I had in my 24 hours!
How I Spent 24 Hours in Chicago ©2016 HollyDayz