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TBEX North America – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

There are many travel conferences that happen every year. It can almost be overwhelming to figure which ones to go to. After hearing mixed reviews about TBEX and a little coaxing from a fellow blogger friend I decided to attend Travel Bloggers Exchange. For 2015 the North American location was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. So here is a brief overview and a video!

TBEX North America- Ft. Lauderdale, FL ©2016 HollyDayz
For those who have no idea what TBEX is, it is a conference held on 3 different continents for travel bloggers and lovers. There are panels to listen and learn from others who are travel bloggers, vloggers, and more. There are also a ton of networking opportunities for not only bloggers, but anyone in the travel, hospitality, and, tourism industry. Every year there is one in Europe, North America, and now Asia!

My spacious room ©2016 HollyDayz
My spacious room ©2016 HollyDayz

I stayed at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina hotel. It was directly across the street from the convention center where TBEX was being held. I know many people have different opinions on this hotel, but I enjoyed my stay. However I didn’t enjoy the extreme humidity and the constant down pour of rain. It decided to be beautiful the day I was leaving!
Museum of Discover and Science ©2016 HollyDayz
Museum of Discover and Science ©2016 HollyDayz

The opening night party took place at the Museum of Discovery and Science. I had a great time seeing some of the animals they had and trying out their attractions. I really enjoyed the 7D ride they had. The food was absolutely amazing. Best of all I got to hang out with my many of my fellow bloggers in person rather than us just talking over the net and text messages. It is always great to make new friends.
Bloggers Unite ©2016 HollyDayz
Bloggers Unite ©2016 HollyDayz

Hanging out at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa ©2016 HollyDayz
Hanging out at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa ©2016 HollyDayz

After a very tiring day of panels, networking, and eating amazing food I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening events. There was a party at the gorgeous Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. Unfortunately the rain moved the party inside instead of out by the pool overlooking the beach. Once again the food was absolutely amazing! I think TBEX was trying to fatten us all up because the entire conference had great food, snacks, and drinks.
Some of the many snacks, desserts, and food! ©2016 HollyDayz
Some of the many snacks, desserts, and food! ©2016 HollyDayz

After the party we headed back to the hotel to talk and hangout. The conference felt like several days because the days were so jam packed. Panels and networking and all the food would put you in a mini coma for the night. Overall I had a nice time and enjoyed myself. I learned some things and enjoyed meeting and talking to many different people. You can see all of the fun for yourself!
Hanging with the Minons ©2016 HollyDayz
Hanging with the Minons ©2016 HollyDayz

Have you ever been to TBEX? Did you go to TBEX in Ft. Lauderdale, FL?

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  • Howard @ Backroad Planet

    I was at TBEX NA Fort Lauderdale, too! Not sure if we met, but I do recognize some of the ladies in your photos. I had a wonderful time meeting so many bloggers and connecting with great travel brands.

    • Holly Dayz

      I am not sure we met. There were so many people there. It was a great experience.

  • Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Awesome! I haven’t been to a travel bloggers convention, but last year I went to food bloggers conference and it was amazing, I got so much valuable content and finally got to connect with a bunch of folk I only knew online. TBEX looks fun. 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      I would love to go to a food blogger conference. That sounds yummy.

  • Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    We haven’t attended TBEX yet, but it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing in the future. Glad to hear you had a good time.

    • Holly Dayz

      Well there are 3 coming up this year you can look in to!

  • Christopher

    Hey Holly, great post. It’s looks like it was fun. Is the TBEX just an US thing or does it come to Canada too. I think I would love to go!!!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was fun. They go to North America, Asia, and Europe. They have had it in Canada before.

  • Dan

    Hey, this is super awesome! Thanks for the informative post and video! I’ve was seriously, seriously considering going to TBEX last year, but I couldn’t make it 🙁
    … But I was really curious what it was all about and this insider perspective is exactly what I was hoping to stumble on! Very cool! Thanks! (btw… that alligator was pretty awesome!)

    • Holly Dayz

      Luckily they have them every year in different places. Maybe you will be able to go to one this year. Glad this could be an inside look for you.

  • wyldfamilytravel

    i am hoping TBEX Asia event comes to Australia soon. I haven’t yet been to a travel blogging conference hoping to one day soon though

    • Holly Dayz

      Hopefully you get to a blogging conference one day soon.

  • corinnevail

    TBEX’ are great….so many new friends each time! Great write up!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, it is amazing to meet friends and new people.

  • 2 Travel Dads blog (The Taylors)

    I echo Dan’s statement above. Totally wanted to go and couldn’t. Thank you for sharing, as I’ve been debating about heading to MSP this year.

    • Holly Dayz

      That is OK there are always more to attend.

  • thesophislife

    Great summary of our time there! I was so happy to meet all you Ladies! Looking forward to travel collaborations in the future.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, it was great to meet you since we speak often. Looking forward to more collabs!

  • Laura

    I was there too. I loved that Fort Lauderdale put so much effort and money into wooing us. The events they put on for us were great. I would have liked some more substantive presentations, but overall it was good. I’m considering Stockholm this year.

    • Holly Dayz

      The events were nice. The food was so yummy. I am sure Stockholm will be very nice.

  • Fiona @ London-Unattached

    Looks like you had a great time! I haven’t been to TBEX yet, but it’s on my list

    • Holly Dayz

      I had a very nice time. Maybe you will get to one this year.

  • Mike ( Nomadic Texan )

    I have been to several and passed on Bangkok this year for a conference in Italy. Worst decision ever!. My favorite ones are the Europe conferences and I have my ticket for Stockholm. The staff at #TBEX are head and shoulders above #TBDI (the Italian conference I went to rather than #TBEX. Urrrrgh. Networking has been my best takeaway. Hope to see you and meet you at a future conference. Until#safetravels

    • Holly Dayz

      I wanted to attend the one in Costa Brava, but I am glad I got to see what one was about. The networking is the best. I hope to meet you at one of these travel conferences as well.

  • trippintwins

    It was great to meet you, Holly! Great write up!

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. It was very nice to meet you as well.

  • Relaxed Thairapy

    I want to travel internationally so that’s def on my to-do list. I also want to attend some conferences for my blog to network and get to know others beyond the internet.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is a great opportunity to network at these conferences and get to know others in your field.

  • Jennifer @ Made all the Difference

    Nope. I am hoping to get time to go to the one this year but we will see. It looks like a lot of fun.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was fun. Learned a few things too. I hope you get to go to one this year

  • Karla | karlaroundtheworld

    I havent been to any TBEX yet but then I am planning to attend the one in Manila. Looking forward to new learnings.

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh I am sure that will be fun.

  • Tandy | Lavender and Lime

    Never heard of TBEX but I have been to Ft. Lauderdale when my grandmother lived there 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      Aww nice. It was a lot of fun.

  • Tia

    I’ve heard great things about TBEX conferences, I want to attend one of the conferences this year. I see you were in great company with some other amazing bloggers. I can’t wait to see where you’re travels take you this year.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thanks I am looking forward to the same lol. TBEX was a good experience.

  • kemkem

    I went to TBEX Costa Brava last year and it was a great experience. My very first one. I plan on going to the one in Stockholm this year. It’s good for putting faces to the names, and the organizers are top notch!

    • Holly Dayz

      I wanted to go to Costa Brava, but since I couldn’t I went to the North America one. It was my first as well.

  • One Girl: One World

    Too bad the weather wasn’t on your side! Looks like a fun experience though – that’s cool you got to meet other bloggers! I’m watching your video now. I hope I can get to one of these soon!

    • Holly Dayz

      I know, the weather was eh. It was a good experience, especially meeting so many great people.

  • Joeography

    TBEX sounds incredible! I need to
    Get to it one of these days!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was a very good experience. You should def check at least one out.

  • Kiwi

    I definitely need to go next year! I am taking my traveling more serious so thanks for letting me know about this travel media conference! And you were with Nadeen!!

    • Holly Dayz

      There are 3 this year and I am sure another 3 next. There are so many travel conferences every year.

  • Keisha

    Sounds like a great time! Some familiar faces among the fray! ❤️

    • Holly Dayz

      It was fun. We had a good time.

  • Dana Carmel

    I’ve never been to TBEX before. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the conference, but I definitely see that it would be a great opportunity to network and link up with fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea I heard mixed reviews as well and saw what was being talked about, but I still enjoyed myself and meeting people.

  • Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

    This looks like a lot of fun, Museum of Discovery and Science sounds like an adventure. Those #FatSnacks though, they look like the best part of this adventure. Glad you gals had fun.

    • Holly Dayz

      The Museum was fun. We had a good time. I liked the 7D ride they had.

  • Chasing Joy (Arlett) (@Chasing_Joy)

    I’d never heard of TBEX before this post. It sounds like a fun conference for travel bloggers to connect.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is a great place to network, especially amongst your fellow bloggers.

  • Jonna Scott-Blakes

    It’s so cool to see so many blogging and media conferences for all niches. Looks like an amazing time!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is nice. There really are so many!

  • Porshia La'Shae

    Never been to TBEX, looks so fun. I will have to research it and put it down as a maybe for next year.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was my first time and it was a nice experience.

  • BeFree Project

    This is my first time hearing about TBEX, wow it sounds amazing! I love reading about your travels around the world you have such cool experiences.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you, glad you enjoy them. It was a good time and a learning experience.

  • Valerie Robinson

    Looks like a blast and you made so met so many new friends. That’s what its all about. I hope to attend more blogging conferences this year!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was fun and nice to meet people I talk to on the internet all the time. I hope you attend one as well.


    Aww, I recognize Nadeen and Tyra. It is always great to meet fellow blogger pals in person. I have been to a few conferences and the food coma is real LOL

    • Holly Dayz

      Yep it is always great to meet up in person. It is real.

  • Shivansh Chaudhary

    are you traveling for this years TBEX?

    • Holly Dayz

      Not too sure yet. How about yourself?

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