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November 2015

4 The Foodie New Mexico

Church Street Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I always say trust the locals when looking for a great place to eat. Thus far they haven’t failed me. While walking around Old Town Albuquerque, I walked into a store. After I was done looking around I spoke to one of the owners, who just happened to be from my hometown of Queens, New York! When I asked him for a recommendation of where to eat, he suggested a place that was 2 minutes away from his store, Church Street Cafe.

LifeStyle New York Spotlight Travels

Spotlight Travels: New York City with Anthony Rue II

Anthony Rue II is the founder and leader of one of the most commercially successful dance groups, The Amount Boyz. Anthony Rue II was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and transcended the boundaries of the inner city and its woes, beginning his dance training starting at the early age of 10, at the National Dance Institute. After training at the institute through out his elementary years Anthony then moved on to attend New York City’s acclaimed “Fame” school Fiorella La Gaurdia High School of the Performing Arts. While training and excelling in classically trained dance, the exposure to funk and soul classics by his mother and the rise of Hip-Hop music and the dance that followed the movement still had a profound influence on him, and was ultimately where his passion for the art form lay.

Anthony Rue II aka Ant Boogie
Anthony Rue II aka Ant Boogie