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August 2015

4 The Foodie Illinois

Yolk in Chicago, IL

There are so many great places to indulge your taste buds in Chicago. Arriving in the morning and being very hungry, we had to find something good to eat. A gentleman working the front desk of Hotel Felix recommend a great place to get breakfast, Yolk. He also informed us that Yolk has won awards and we would not be disappointed.
Yolk in Chicago ©2016 HollyDayz

New York Reviews Tours

Disney on Broadway: Behind the Magic Tour

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Disney and movies. Disney has put out some amazing movies including The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. These movies and more have been turned into Broadway musicals. Walks of New York teamed up with Disney Theatrical Group to give a behind the scenes tour of Disney on Broadway and access to the New Amsterdam Theater. Getting the best shows on broadway is even more fun when you have cheap broadway tickets so you and your family can have the best Broadway experience.

LifeStyle Technology

App of the Month: LoungeBuddy

While traveling you can spend a good amount of time in an airport. Between arriving early, flight delays, and layovers everyone wants some level of comfort. Lounges come in handy for this and many of them have amazing amenities. To find a lounge/club and give your trip an upgrade, the app LoungeBuddy helps you find one to best suit your needs.

4 The Foodie Illinois

Giordano's in Chicago, IL

Deep dish pizza is synonymous with Chicago. Being from New York there has always been a pizza rivalry between the two. So of course being in Chicago I had to try out one of the many infamous places to get great deep dish pizza. I had a ton of recommendations and would have loved to try them all, but the one I did get to try was Giordano’s.

Illinois Reviews Tours

Review: Wendella Boats Sunset Cruise in Chicago

Chicago has an amazing skyline! There are tons of skyscrapers and unique looking buildings. You can see them in many ways, but one of the best ways is by cruising the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Not only do you get the opportunity to take in the beautiful sights of Chicago, but you have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Chicago and its many buildings. There are many cruises to choose from, but I highly enjoyed the Sunset Cruise that Wendella Boats offers.

Illinois Reviews Tours

Review: Chicago Crime Tours

Chicago has so much to offer in the way of attractions, food, art, and more. One thing that you can’t forget when it comes to Chicago are the crimes that have happened and even more so, The Mob and Gangsters. This is even more interesting when you realize that certain parts of Chicago are named after criminals! I learned this and more on Chicago Crime Tours!