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July 2015

4 The Foodie New York

SoCo Southern Fused Cuisine in Brooklyn, NY

I am always on the look out to try some new restaurants. It is especially hard to choose a place to try in the New York City area. There are so many restaurants¬†on almost every block. I don’t even recall how I first heard of SoCo, all I knew is that I had to pay them a visit as soon as I got the opportunity. So when the chance presented itself, I was excited and SoCo didn’t disappoint!
Soco in Brooklyn, NY ©2016 HollyDayz


Great Facials with Freeman Products

There are so many products on the market that it can become difficult to decide which is best to use. I have been trying many different facial products and I am always getting asked how I keep my skin looking smooth, young, and acne free. Lots of people ask whether I have been using CBD oil. I haven’t, and it’s not something that I have thought of using, but so many people have questioned me and then explained the many benefits it has. It sounds like it has lots of benefits for those with acne as it can lower inflammation. So maybe it’s worth looking into! Besides never washing my face with soap and drinking a lot of water, I don’t do much in terms of a skincare routine, but I have found certain products that I really like. A couple of products are made by Freeman. These are great to use while traveling or at home as the environment can do so much damage to your skin.

LifeStyle Technology

App of the Month: HeyLets

There are so many websites and apps that give reviews that it can become overwhelming. What to do, where to go, and what to eat becomes a challenge if relying on reviews. Many times reviews can be extremely negative, sometimes just because. The app HeyLets has solved this problem.