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I have always been a sports fan. I enjoy playing as well as watching many different ones. I have also had the opportunity to travel and cover many different sporting events. With the upcoming Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao fight, I wanted to give a glimpse into my experience at some of the past Mayweather fights/events I have been to. I am also going to give some tips and information if you plan to go!
The Fight Of The Century (1)
The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is home base for Mayweather, where his fights have been taking place. Like many of the hotels in Vegas, the MGM is huge. Leading up to the fight the hotel only gets more and more crowded. The prices for the rooms start to sore. In fact, for the fight of the century, as it is being rightfully called, rooms are currently ranging around $1600 a night and up for Friday and Saturday at the MGM. Keep in mind that is before taxes and resort fees.

Mayweather VS Marquez  © Holly Dayz
Mayweather VS Marquez  © Holly Dayz

Leading up to the main event many people go down to the Mayweather Boxing Club and watch him practice. I haven’t taken that opportunity, but I am sure it is a site to see. I have however gotten the opportunity to watch Floyd receive a plaque from Guinness World Record. This was rewarded to him for the highest selling paper view against Oscar De La Hoya.
Mayweather receiving his plaque ©Holly Dayz
Mayweather receiving his plaque ©Holly Dayz

If you happen to arrive in Las Vegas early afternoon Friday before the fight there is a weigh-in. The weigh-in is free and open to the public. There is music blasting, crowds cheering, and more. All the boxers on the fight card are in attendance staring each other down and being weighed. It is a lot of fun! At one weigh-in an undercard fight between Gabriel Rosado and J’leon Love led to Love being overweight. Long story short the end result was a no contest ruling.
Weigh In ©2015 Holly Dayz
Weigh In ©2015 Holly Dayz

Many people go to Las Vegas knowing they aren’t going to attend the fight, but just to stand around the MGM and catch a boxer, his entourage, or a celebrity walking around. There are also hopes of getting to attend a party afterwards. As long as Mayweather is around promoting or boxing there is sure to be a crowd! So if your planning to head to Las Vegas for the infamous May 2nd fight here are some things to keep in mind.
Mayweather Promoting A Fight © Holly Dayz
Mayweather Promoting A Fight © Holly Dayz

1. Get your hotel room ASAP. The prices are skyrocketing. Even hotels on the north side of the strip have rooms around $600 and up for Friday and Saturday night. Off the strips places that are typically around $20 a night are over $260.
2. Tickets to the fight will be ranging from $1500 – $7500.
3. Buy your plane tickets ASAP. The price of flights went up during the SuperBowl, I can only imagine how much they will climb to for the fight.
4. Think about flying into LA or San Francisco and driving. It is a 3 1/2  to 4 hour drive from LA unless you hit traffic. Rental cars in LA are affordable.
5. Keep in mind that everyone in Las Vegas is aware of the money this fight will bring and all the prices for that weekend will skyrocket for accommodations anywhere in the vicinity of Las Vegas.
6. If you are a Money Team fan, the MGM will be selling t-shirts, hats, and more.
7. There is a huge ring that is set up in the lobby of the MGM. Great place if you want a photo op.
Ring in the lobby of the MGM © Holly Dayz
Ring in the lobby of the MGM © Holly Dayz

Will you be heading out to Las Vegas for the Mayweather V Pacquaio fight? Have you ever been to Las Vegas during a fight? What was your experience? Which fighter is your money on?

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  • Emerald

    This fight is going to be major!!!! So cool that you’ve been to fights before. I hope to go to one soon!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea it is! A lot of boxing events are fun. Hopefully you get to one soon.


    I’ve never been to Vegas for a fight, but it sounds like a lot of fun. So cool that you got to experience it.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is a fun experience. If you ever get the opportunity to go to any fight anywhere you should. You may enjoy it.

  • Tanj

    I’ve never been to Vegas or something like this but a lot of my friends want to go. I am from the Philippines and my money is on Pacquiao of course!

    • Holly Dayz

      If your you or your friends get the opportunity to attend any fight, take it. It is pretty funny. OK kool, lets see what happens May 2nd!

  • Anda

    OMG what outrageous prices! I don’t think I’d pay that kind of money even if it was for the Olympics, leave alone boxing. But hey, this is me. Apparently others are ready to to open wide their wallets.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea when they announced the prices I was like WOW. Not really surprised because of how big the fight is, but a well deserved wow! I wouldn’t pay that either. They are saying celebs aren’t getting free tickets either, they have to pay for theirs as well. In my opinion they can afford it so they will be OK with those prices.

  • donoghuemc

    Interesting – never been to Vegas for a fight, though sadly don’t think I could afford it!! Totally wouldn’t have guessed tickets were in that price range!

    • Holly Dayz

      That is unaffordable in my book as well! People will spend their money on it nonetheless. Past fights have not been this expensive.

  • Melody Pittman

    Wow! I had no idea a fight drew that kind of crowds and money. That is unbelievable. Have a great time.

    • Holly Dayz

      This is the most money for a fight. Mayweather is getting paid $120 million and Manny $80 million from what I have heard. Mayweather typically draws the crowds, but this has been a much anticipated fight.

  • Hector

    Gonna be an interesting fight but as we all know mayweathers skill and precision will break pacquiao down . I give the fight to mayweather all day

    • Holly Dayz

      It will be an interesting fight! Yea, I am going with Money Mayweather as well!

  • Minority Nomad

    Five years ago I would have been all over this. Fight took far too long to make. And $1600 for a room? Nahhhhh. I caught a UFC event there a few years back. Was nuts. Great parties though.

    • Holly Dayz

      This fight did take a long time. People have been looking for it to happen for years. Yea, I thought that the prices was ridiculous!

  • thesophislife

    I have never been to Vegas during a fight. I can imagine pure chaos! I’m sure the parties are fun. The prices thou geesh!

    • Holly Dayz

      I haven’t been to any after parties, but I did attend one prior to. If it wasn’t for working I wouldn’t go into that madness either. Pure chaos and jacked up prices.

  • Transportable Duo

    That is so expensive! I can believe people fly all the way there just to stand outside the fight. To me that is just completely hilarious.

    • Holly Dayz

      It really is expensive! Past fights have not been this expensive, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up just because.

  • Olga

    I’ll show this post to my boyfriend, he’s obsessed about fights!!

    • Holly Dayz

      Awesome! I love them, they are a lot of fun!

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