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January 2015

Hotels New York Reviews

Review: Z NYC Hotel in LIC, New York

Queens, New York is becoming more and more popular! Hotels have been popping up all over, especially in Long Island City, in the borough of Queens. Long Island City is so close to Manhattan, that it has become a great option to stay when visiting. One such hotel that is making it their business to stand out above all the rest is the Z NYC Hotel.

Hotels New York Reviews

Review: Holiday Inn Manhattan View, LIC, NY

Typically when people come to visit New York, they head straight into Manhattan. An amazing part of the city that anyone would love to visit, especially if they are looking at taking new york city tours to see the sights. It is a beautiful and amazing area for people to go to, no wonder so many want to live here, it has a lot to offer, not just professionally but culturally as well, there is a lot to do and see, so turning it from a vacation into a permanent stay is an option, you could try looking at sites like and see what they have for you over there! Now while Manhattan has many great things and tons of the top tourist attractions, so do the other boroughs. One such borough being Queens! People fly into Queens through JFK or LaGuardia airports, but many times don’t stay here.

Florida LifeStyle Spotlight Travels

Spotlight Travels: Miami with Tania On The Scene

Tania L. Breton, aka “Tania On The Scene,” was born and raised in Queens, New York. While attending York College, Tania worked as a staff writer for the college’s paper, “Pandora’s Box”. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Journalism.
Tania is currently working at PIX 11 Morning News in NYC as an entertainment producer. She also writes stories for the LIVE show. Additionally, she has had some of her celebrity interviews featured in the “Best Of NYC” section on the PIX11 website.
She has recently launched her website to promote her on-camera work. “Tania On The Scene” is available to host your next event, emcee your next party, or interview your favorite celebs.


HollyDayz: What took you to Miami?
Tania: Kid N Play were hosting a house party and I was invited by PLUSH Illusions to cover the event. They hosted and also performed. It was a great event. Everyone was rockin’ out.
HollyDayz: How was the weather when you went?
Tania: The weather was beautiful! No humidity. Just the sun beaming down and giving me that awesome glow lol.
HollyDayz: What was your favorite part of your trip to Miami?
Tania: Kid N Play did their infamous dance from back in the day. But honestly my favorite part was interviewing them. They were so down to a Earth. Kid is hilarious. Play taught me a lot from his experience in journalism. It was a fun interview. A real good time that I think was also portrayed on camera.

Tania On The Scene with Kid N Play
Tania On The Scene with Kid N Play

HollyDayz: What was your favorite meal to eat while there?
Tania:  I think all I had was take out. Terrible! But I gotta say when the event was over, those pancakes from Ihop hit the spot.
HollyDayz: Since you love to interview people who are your top 3 people that you would love to interview who claim Miami as their home?
Tania: Pitbull. I love that new song he has with NeYo. He’s all over. I love it! Rick Ross would be a dope interview. I would play a game with him to see what we could find out about him. And Sidney Poitier, simply because he’s a legend. I feel like that would be the most meaningful interview because there’s so much to learn from his journey.
HollyDayz: What are some of the tourist spots that you visited?
Tania: I didn’t do any touristy things because I really only flew in for the weekend to work. It was a Saturday night event and my flight was Sunday morning.
HollyDayz: How would you describe Miami to a person who has never been there?
Tania: If you’ve been to Vegas, it’s very similar… I would even compare it to Times Square in NY. It’s a strip of bars and restaurants and the weather is usually warm and beautiful.
HollyDayz: Any tips for those who have never been there?
Tania: Always bring an umbrella because it will randomly rain on you. Sun showers for 2 mins and then done. Just like that.
Tania On The Scene in Miami
Tania On The Scene in Miami

HollyDayz: Where would you like your next interview to be?
Tania: Hawaii would be awesome! But I’ll settle for anywhere in the UK. I know a lot of artists are huge over there.
Check out the Kid N Play Interview as well as the other celebrity interviews. Find out more about Tania at Tania On The Scene and follow her on Twitter 

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LifeStyle Technology

App of the Month: Sleep Genius

There are those times where you can’t fall asleep. It could be because you have a lot on your mind, your jet lagged, or excited about the next trip planned. I have tried a ton of different ways of falling asleep. I have also tried a ton of different apps, but none really worked.
As I was looking at some other apps to try I ran across one called Sleep Genius. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work because all the other ones I tried didn’t, but surprisingly it did. The app is free if you want the Basic version. They also have a more Advanced version for $4.99.

Revive Cycle Alarm courtesy of Sleep Genius App
Revive Cycle Alarm courtesy of Sleep Genius App

The app has a revive cycle alarm that can wake you up using different sounds over a short period of time. This is to help decrease stress level. Rather than hearing an alarm to wake up, you can hear birds chirping to calming music. It has a lot of great features that are beneficial to your sleep and overall your health.
Sleep Genius pic courtesy of Sleep Genius App
Sleep Genius pic courtesy of Sleep Genius App

I have the free version and have laid in the bed wide awake with no sleep in sight. I put the app on and put some headphones on. It can be set to play for 90 minutes, 180 minutes, or infinite. I either do 90 or 180. I have woken up in the morning wondering when did I even fall asleep.
I have also had other friends try the app and they have told me they knocked out and slept through the night. So it is not just me.
I haven’t tried it on an airplane because I typically fall asleep on one. If you have a hard time, maybe it will help. It seems like it would also help your biological clock get back into a routine if you are jet lagged.
Sleeping is really important so this is definitely an app that should be downloaded. If you want more information check out their website Sleep Genius.
Have you used any apps to help you fall asleep? Have any of them worked?
Disclaimer: This is an app I personally use. My opinions have not been influenced.