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Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

I can’t even remember the last time I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Maybe it was high school or early college years. A quick trip there seemed like a great idea.

Atlantic City is certainly not as “over the top” as Las Vegas, but It’s a cool getaway!
There are some awesome perks like the beach and the boardwalk which I didn’t get to because it was raining. So that ended that idea.
I stayed inside at the very nice Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. I have never stayed at a hotel in Atlantic City before so this was a great first experience.
Staying in The Waterfront Tower was awesome!
Entrance to The Waterfront Tower ©2014 Holly Dayz
Entrance to The Waterfront Tower
©2014 Holly Dayz

The room was very beautiful and the bed was so comfortable. I wanted to take the bed and pillows home. Amazing!
I had some amazing much-needed sleep. The bathroom was also very nice. No bathtub, but a very nice stand up shower.
Room at Harrah's Resort ©2014 Holly Dayz
Room at Harrah’s Resort
©2014 Holly Dayz
Shower. ©2014 Holly Dayz
©2014 Holly Dayz
View from the room. ©2014 Holly Dayz
View from the room.
©2014 Holly Dayz
They have a couple of pools. There was a pool party at “The Pool After Dark” that is more like a nightclub, and the other was a family pool. I tried to go into the pool but sadly the family pool was closed due to high chemicals so I couldn’t. The other pool was getting cleaned due to the pool party so I wasn’t able to get into that either. I guess that is what happens when people are jumping into the pool with their clothes on and alcohol in their hands. Bummer.
Diamond Cove Area ©2014 Holly Dayz
The Pool After Darkl
©2014 Holly Dayz

unnamed-1 (2)
The Pool After Dark ©2014 Holly Dayz
Diamond Cove Area ©2014 Holly Dayz

The Diamond Cove area, is a very prominent section of the casino and they have some amazing food.
I tried a little bit of the lobster roll and I ordered salmon and broccoli. It was pretty good.
Tasted like BBQ sauce was on it. I also had beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes. That was so good!
For dessert, I had a few eclairs, also very delicious. The service in there was really good.
Later on I ordered a red velvet and cheesecake gelato in a waffle cone. It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it!
photo 3
Lobster Roll ©2014 Holly Dayz

photo 4 (2)
beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes. ©2014 Holly Dayz
I tried my hand at some gambling. I got a players card, which is always good to get at a casino. I had some good luck and a lot of fun with that which actually spurred me on to check out some phone casinos when I got home. There is also a lounge in the middle of the casino playing some great music. The “X-Bar” gives guests a 360 degree view of the casino floor.
I took a lap around the place, pretty nice atmosphere. Casinos really immerse you in the entire experience with the way they are set out, however, if you are not too sure about what casino gaming is all about and want to get some practice in online but aren’t sure where to go first, you can learn about online slots on sites such as and see how you can get help there.
Xhibition Bar Photo Courtesy of
Xhibition Bar
Photo Courtesy of
If you valet your car and plan to get it when everyone is trying to leave beware you may wait awhile in a crowded area. The hotel was really nice, the service by the staff was great minus one person.
I would certainly stay there again and recommend it.
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  • Mallory (@mals_away)

    Looks like a great getaway spot. Too bad it was raining, I’m sure the beach would have been a nice touch.

    • Holly Dayz

      The beach and boardwalk is a lot of fun. Maybe next time.

  • mags

    Looks like a great find. I’ve never been to Atlantic City, but I’ve explored the Harrahs in New Orleans. Lots of fun!

    • Holly Dayz

      Atlantic City is a lot of fun. There is much more than gambling there.

  • Sarah

    we haven’t been to Atlantic City for over 20 years (I know, we are old!), but your post makes me ache to go for a weekend. Such fun!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is a great weekend getaway. You should head back soon. Especially while the weather is good.

  • brmsimmons

    The last time I was in AC my wallet was definitely a bit lighter when I left. Looks like you had a great time!

    • Holly Dayz

      Ohhh maybe next time the wallet will explode with money.

  • What Boundaries Travel

    I have never been to Atlantic city, but it seems like the Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City would be a nice place to stay! That is a bummer the pools did not work out for you though!

    • Holly Dayz

      I wish I could have gotten in the pool. Maybe next time.

  • Megan Claire (@mappingmegan)

    Thanks for the great review! We really loved Vegas lol though we did think it was a little over the top, so perhaps we would enjoy a destination like Atlantic City a little bit more. Thanks for the tip on the Casino Players card – I’m not a huge gambler, and only ever really do it for fun, so this would probably be a good way to go for me 🙂
    Atlantic City for our next trip!

    • Holly Dayz

      I love Vegas. Atlantic City is a bit more lowkey compared to Vegas. I am not a gambler either, but the cards come in handy.

  • antonette - we12travel

    I’ve got some friends who occasionally go to Atlantic City. It’s not a place I’d personally go to but I will definitely recommend Harrah’s resort to them once I get to speak to them again!

    • Holly Dayz

      I enjoy the boardwalk and the beach, I just didn’t get the chance to go that time.

  • Karilyn

    Being on the West Coast I have never been to Atlantic City. After years of watching Boardwalk on HBO I want to go!! This makes me want to check it out even more!

    • Holly Dayz

      I hope you get there soon. It is the mini Vegas of the east coast

  • A World to Travel ✈ (@aworldtotravel1)

    Thanks for this! Will come in handy when visiting Atlantic city

    • Holly Dayz

      Very welcome. I hope you enjoy yourself when you do go.

  • Hanna

    It looks like a really great hotel! A lot of people complain usually about food served in hotels but sometimes it can be really delicious! 🙂 That’s a really great review!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, many hotels have some good food. I haven’t heard anyone complain, but I ate well.

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